About us

We are home lovers, innovation lovers, and creativity drives our lives.

The first thought we had when we decided to embark on the exciting mission of improving home living, was to fill our passion with products that would help us live better lives at home.  That was because essentially, we believed that the pleasure of living was not a simple matter of `when`, but `where`. But modern life goes on everywhere: we live in our cars, offices, spend time outdoors. So, why restrict our search of excellent products to our home environments? Why not bring out essential living goods that we can enjoy anywhere? That's what we did, and now you can own them too!

Our goal is to indulge moments of happiness. Moments in which you can enjoy an afternoon cuddling up to your beloved one and have an amazing cup of coffee with freshly baked cookies that you made yourself, from scratch. And moments when you cook for your family or simply to yourself in a modern, practical, way using efficient utensils and gadgets.

Our team is ready to serve you, every day.




Our Vision

To provide you with the highest standards in the choice, acquisition, and distribution of excellent goods that meets all needs of modern life.

Our Mission

To consistently improve value to our clients, employees, and the communities in which we live and work. We are committed to improving our quality and efficiency by bringing new, exclusive and innovative products whilst working with competitive and committed suppliers.